Conference: Homage to Chester Himes

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Foto de Chester Himes

Inscription Period: from September 3rd to October 30th 2009.

The admission is limited by the inscription period and the capacity of the hall.

Those who are interested in taking part in this conference should register in the Secretaría Técnica of the conference according to the following procedure:

On-line register:

  • Printing and filling in the form (pdf) and sending it to the Secretaría Técnica or by ordinary mail, e-mail or fax, or handing it in at our offices in the University Campus of San Vicente del Raspeig; in the Alicante University headquarters (c/Ramón y Cajal, Nº 4 Alicante) or in the La Marina University during the office hours.

Important advice: The form for the on-line register will be activated from September 3rd to October 30th (both included).

The conference will take place from November 12th to 14th in Teulada-Moraira. Espai Cultural La Senieta de Moraira

Organized by:

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This conference is inscribed within the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the author Chester Himes (July 29th 1909) and coinciding with the day when he passed away 25 years ago, November 12th. As an author of international prestige, in 1969 he initiated his link with the region Marina Alta, that was the year when he settled down in Teernacional, where he lived till his death on November 12th 1984, establishing a close relationship with its people and geographic location. This relationship still continues today with the presence of his wife, Lesley Himes, who lives there, and the attention paid by many followers of his literary work, among them writers, filmmakers, critics, academic researchers and visitors of the region. The Town Council of Teulada and the Permanent University of the University of Alicante, with the cooperation of the Benissa University Venue, organise a homage to this acclaimed Afro-American author, who is contemporary and universal, with the purpose of a cultural, linguistica and academic integration.


This is a conference for:

  • Experts and researchers on this author's literary work.
  • Filmmakers and cinema producers.
  • Foreign residents and associations related to the work of Chester Himes.
  • Academics: lecturers and students interested in the noir genre, short stories and cinema. 
  • Any other individuals interested in this field.


Contributing to the biographical analysis of the author and his influence on Teulada-Moraira during the last fifteen years of his life.

In-depth study of his work in order to contribute to its wider knowledge.

Development of papers and panels and round table debates with the participation of researchers in this field, relevant institutions and individuals related to the author about his work, literary production and repercussions on art.

Presentation of the results and latest contributions, including audiovisual productions of Spanish origin.

Supply an open space for an intercultural gathering that will strengthen the sociolinguistic integration of foreign citizens living within the area of influence of the University of Alicante. 



Espai Cultural La Senieta de Moraira



18:00 h Official opening: Mayor of Teulada, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Alicante, Coordinator of the conference and Lesley Himes (the author's widow).
18:30 h Lecture (in French): “Chester Himes: An American in Paris”. D. Claude Mésplède. Author and critic of crime novel.
19:45 h Biographical Profile of Chester Himes Rosario Bru Ronda. Researcher. (Spanish)
21:00 h Opening of Photographic Exhibition based on Chester Himes' work. Donna Rothraud de Meindorfer.


10:30 h Lecture (in Spanish): “Chester Himes: the last great unorthodox noir author”. Mariano Sánchez Soler. Author and Journalist.
11:45 h Reading of the short story “A Christmas Gift” (in English): (Chester Himes, 1944) by John Sanderson.
12:15 h Projection of the short film “Un regalo de Navidad”. Juana Ronda, 2009. (In Spanish with English subtitles).
12:30 h Round Table with the director and actors of the short film “Un regalo de navidad”. (Spanish).
13:30 h Break. 16:30 h Lecture: “Film adaptations of Chester Himes' novels: Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones on the screen”. John D. Sanderson. University of Alicante.
17:45 h Round Table: Mariano Sánchez Soler. Author and Journalist. John D. Sanderson. University of Alicante. Teresa Morell Moll. Head of the University Venue Marina Alta. Lesley Himes. The author's widow.
19:00 h Presentation and projection of “Cotton Comes to Harlem” (Ossie Davis, 1970).


Programa cultural complementario: Itinerario Cultural y Etnográfico

9.15hrs Concentration Espai la Senieta

9.30hrs  Moraira town tour, visit memorial Chester Himes
10hrs  Transfer to Visit Almàssera Teulada, Old Town and San Vicente Ferrer Agricultural Cooperative
12.45hrs  Transfer to Moraira
13hrs Closing conference;  "Coro Popular la Senieta" and "Colla de Dolçainers i Tabaleters
 el Falçó" Show