Exhibition: "The East, shape and colour"

Posted Thu, 03/06/2010 - 14:40 by a.claes

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"The East, shape and colour."
Directors: Javier Esclapes and Eduardo Berenguer
Painters: Students of Graphic Artistic Expression

Dates: June 9th to July 9th 2010
Place: Transit Hall Aulario III  - Campus University of Alicante

invitación exposición oriente forma y color

Mural created by students of the subject Graphic Artistic Expression: Painting of the Permanent University. Making use of acrylic, the mural is a mosaic formed by twenty-five paintings which pretend to be a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, which share as their inspiration the banks of the Ganges and its people. The creative and personal capacity can be seen in numerous aspects within the collection of shades and shapes, regarding styles and techniques. The creativity of this introductory course that will be further developed is obvious, with each student having with his/her own way of expression, and getting inspiration from the painting of the last century.

Painters: Students of Graphic Artistic Expression

Francisco Baeza Ruiz, cuadro oriente forma y color
Amparo de Miguel Bazán,
Concepción Díaz Martín,
Fernando Carlos Diez Galán,
Justo Luis Funes González,
José Luis Mas Jerez,
Josefa Mateos Sánchez,
Pilar Moreno Garzón,
María Dolores Muñoz Díaz,
Emma Orera Gracia,
José María Pastor Sempere,
María Concepción Pena Cortes,
Candelaria Perea Herrero,
Francisca Plasencia Lázaro,
Jorge Rodríguez Salvador,
Miguel Rueda Davó,
Enedina Sánchez Luna,
María del Carmen Sánchez Melero,
Francisco Manuel Serrano Climent,
Maria Blanca Soriano Jara,
Maria Pilar Villella Lollo,
Consolación Vizuete Moruno.

Cartel Exposición Oriente Forma y color