GAES information and prevention campaign concerning the loss of hearing and solutions

Posted Tue, 04/05/2010 - 10:24 by a.claes

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Monday, May 10th to Sunday, May 16th in the mornings:

GAES information and prevention campaign concerning the loss of hearing and solutions. 
Place: Explanada de España, crossroad with Calle Valdés


The University of Alicante will participate from May 10 to 16 in the campaign “Don´t forget about your hearing”, which will be conducted by GAES Hearing Centres in cooperation with FIAPAS (Spanish Confederation of Deaf Persons’ Families) and SEORL (Spanish Association of Othorhinolaryngology and Cervical- Facial Pathology) 2010 in Alicante. 

This national campaign, which has as its aims the sensitization and raising of awareness concerning hearing revisions and care, is addressed especially to the group of adults and seniors. This is the reason why we invite the students of the Diploma Senior programme of the UA, in accordance with the educational aims of the Permanent University in the field of Health and Quality of Life, as well as in the dissemination of culture and knowledge, to register for the sessions which have been organized exclusively for students of our programme and consist in:    


  • Short informative talk about the loss of hearing and its possible solutions
  • Specific hearing test sessions for interested persons
The participants of this activity will receive informative material, a gift and during the session a small breakfast will be offered. The students who wish to have a specific test and a revision of their hearing after the informative talk, should indicate this at the end. Those interested in participating will have to register at the UPUA Secretary’s Offices in one of the following groups/sessions which will be covered and closed following the registration order:

1st group
10,30 am
10,30 am
10,30 am
10,30 am
10,30 am
2nd group
12,00 am
12,00 am
12,00 am
12,00 am
12,00 am
12,00 am
This campaign will be run in Alicante in cooperation with the UPUA at the GAES facilities at the Explanada (crossroads with C/Valdés) near the Alicante Town University Venue, finding itself in the framework of commemorative actions of the 10thth anniversary of our Diploma Senior programme and in the field of knowledge and “Health Education”. Prevention and promotion of older adults’ active and healthy ageing are some of the objectives we want to achieve with this action, as a means to eradicate social exclusion, contribute to the seniors’ autonomy and avoid future physical deterioration, which is avoidable and unnecessary.  
Those interested have to confirm their attendance with the registration at our secretary's offices at:
Classroom Building III – Module I
San Vicente del Raspeig Campus
Tel: 965 90 94 54 y 965 90 97 93
Fax 965 90 98 12
Alicante Town University Venue- 1st floor
Avda. Doctor Ramón y Cajal, 4 - 03001 Alicante
Tel: 965 14 59 79, 965 14 59 81
 Fax: +34 965 14 59 89


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