Mapfre Campaign "With special care: Preventing domestic risks"

Posted Fri, 15/01/2010 - 14:37 by a.claes

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20/01/2010 11:30
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con mayor cuidadologo mapfre

On January 20 a popular educational activity, which is developed by the University of Alicante and sponsored by the MAPFRE FOUNDATION, will be carried out at the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante. This act that is presided by Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, head of the UA, has been promoted by the Permanent University within the activities of the 10th anniversary of its creation with the intention to strengthen the promotion for a better quality of life among our seniors.

In convergence with the aims of the campaign WITH SPECIAL CARE started by the mentioned MAPFRE FOUNDATION and oriented towards the prevention of domestic accidents, the act that will take place at the Paraninfo of the UA from 11:30 to 12:45, seeks mainly to enhance health education and promote the concepts of active and healthy ageing of the elderly as a means to eradicate the social exclusion, contribute to avoid unnecessary deterioration and support the seniors' autonomy.

This activity, which is supported by the  Municipal Culture Board of the City Council Alicante and the Official Pharmaceutics Association Alicante,  is directed to various groups, students of the Permanent University, professionals in the fields of health and social care, instructors and volunteers, among others. Those who participate with previous confirmation will receive specific materials:


  • They will be given the accident prevention guide, which informs by the means of basic concepts about where the risks are and how to avoid them.
  • A theatre performance and the interactive talk "Domestic risks among elderly persons" will be dedicated to all the participants.

This interactive talk will be supported by a series of videos, which simulate different risk situations. The presenter appears in real time and is introduced on the screen, going to the rooms where the accidents happen. He explains to the audience the reasons and the measures that could have been taken to avoid the accident, as well as different actions that have to be done in case it has already happened.


  • Report about elderly persons and security in the house of the Community of Madrid, elaborated by the Pontificia University of Comillas in 33 municipalities of the Community of Madrid.
  • Research study about elderly persons' security at home, which presents a general perspective and adds a series of conclusions.
  • Guide for professionals, which presents where and how domestic accidents happen and describes in a simple and practical way how preventive measures can be taken to avoid them.
  • CD-ROM, which contents based on real situations and which will be useful for you in your work. It describes in a very visual way the majority of domestic accidents and how to avoid them.
  • Theatre performance "Domestic accident prevention for elderly persons", in which the main risk factors, the way how to detect them and how to deal with them are presented in a graphic way.

It is well known that as we become adults-elderly there are various physical and psychic changes that are characteristic for the age, which increase the risk for domestic accidents. Our intention is to help the senior population to maintain their well-being and quality of life, promoting certain preventive habits in their daily life, that can help to avoid accidents at home and help to learn about how to act in certain emergency situations. 

With this campain we aim to help making your home a safer and more comfortable place; to help you to adopt a series of health cares, so that the body responds in the best possible way, but also to provide professionals and relatives with updated and practical material to avoid those accidents. In short, the purpose is to enhance responsible and proactive behaviours among the seniors within the personal management of health and quality of life, promoting culture and education in the field of prevention to adopt healthy lifestyles.

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