Poetry Recital. Homage to Miguel Hernandez in Cocentaina

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21/05/2010 20:00

Cocentaina University Venue, Friday, May 21st  2010.
Place: Cultural Centre el Teular – Seu Cocentaina
Time: 20:00 pm
Further Information: 965.59.02.14 – 610.48.88.88

Poetry Recital. Homage to Miguel Hernández coindiding with the centenary of his birth. 
Commemoration of the 10th UPUA anniversary.

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Within the framework of the 10th anniversary of the Permanent University, which is celebrated in 2009-2010, we aspire to achieve some of the essential aims that have been leading the programme from its very beginning, “creating a university open to all the ages” and “open us to the whole citizenship”, not depending on their place of residence. With this spirit and the active participation of the UPUA students we are approaching the Cocentaina University Venue in order to share knowledge, experiences and culture.

From the UPUA creative writing workshops we would also like to join in the commemoration of 10 years of UPUA history, which coincides with the centenary of birth of Miguel Hernández, a universal poet. Lucky coincidence. Homage to the depth and beauty of the work of this poet from Orihuela and homage to an educational fact of great importance within the educational history in Alicante: the creation of the Permanent University for persons over 50 years.

Poetry and knowledge. Artistic creation and educational creation. Another great Spanish poet, J. Ramón Jiménez said that poetry corresponds to a triple thirst: thirst for knowledge, thirst for beauty and thirst for eternity. For the poet, eternity was a synonym of temporal permanence. Perhaps poetry is a one of the deepest and most beautiful forms of knowledge. Miguel Hernández fought with his work and his life for the rights of liberty to create, to think, to know, to be, to exist in peace, for all citizens. Emotional homage to an extraordinary poet and citizen.

The UPUA writing workshops join in these celebrations, due to our love for poetry, with the recital for which we have been preparing at a high level. We invite you to join us in this literary activity and to feel the emotion before the poetic creation, so that the following definition from another universal poet, Antonio Machado, can be fulfilled:

 Emilia Gómez, collaborating teacher in the writing workshops of the UPUA


Cocentaina University Venue. Friday, May 21st 2010.
Cultural Centre el Teular - Seu Cocentaina
Time: 20:00 pm.



Soprano. Ascensión  Padilla
Cellist. Verónica Rubio
Guitarist. Juan Carlos López


José Baeza Correas
Francisca Baeza Moñinos
CarmenFernández Bolaños
Nelly  Gladys Ferreira Gutiérrez
Lucía Francisco Yañez
Mª Emilia Fuentes Larios de Medrano
Mª Dolores Iglesia Ivars
Mª del Carmen Llavador Martínez
Consuelo Merino Hernández
Teodora Molina Alcaide
Consuelo Oñate Díaz
Elvira Pizano Rovira
María Plana Sánchez
José Luis Rico Martín
José Riera Mateo
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez Monllor
Rafael Torres Candela

Project and Coordination: Emilia Gómez, Collaborating teacher at the UPUA.
Organization: Permanent University, University of Alicante.
With collaboration of: Secretariat of Extracurricular Activities and Cocentaina University Venue

Further information:

Cocentaina University Venue-Centre Cultural El Teular.
Plaza del Teular, s/n 03820 Cocentaina (Alicante)
Tel. 965 59 02 14 - Fax 965 59 02 14

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