Public University Of Ptuj – Adult Education Centre


The mission of Public University Ptuj is education and information of adults. With vast experience and professional attitude we want to motivate and follow our pupils on their way to success, to encourage them and to believe in lifelong learning necessity.

Establishment of Public University Ptuj goes back 60 years, all the way to season 1938/1939, although the education of adults (in different forms) was already shown even from 1925 on. Besides common lectures the University also organized drama events, concerts, courses for foreign languages and tried to encourage participants for educational activities. After a small fall-back in the 80’s, Folk-University Ptuj was subverted into public institution and changed it’s name into Public University Ptuj. With new formal programs, enrolled into Catalogue for Formal Education in Slovenia, with creation of high-level studies (tertiary level) and with modernization of didactical approaches the number of our participants rises from year to year.

Today Public University Ptuj offers many non-formal courses, seminars, workshops, qualifications and several different formal secondary schools, primary school for adults and two tertiary based faculty programs: Economist and Accountant as well as one post-graduate program for Economists.

Therefore we may say that education of adults is based on three levels: 

  • General education
  • Education on different formal levels
  • Vocational education

Contact persons

Mojca Volk, Degree in Economics, principal and general manager of Public University of Ptuj. Expertise in economics, financing, adult education, member of ZLUS (Association of Public Universities of Slovenia). Management skills – general, financial, educational. Expert for validation of non-formal knowledge. She has vast experience in conducting national and international projects.

Mateja Hlupič, Degree in Pedagogic and Sociology, is working as Counselor in Counseling Centre Ptuj (ISIO). She has mayor experience in working with unemployed, drop-outs and older adults. She has 20 years of working experience. She is a mentor for programs for developing basic competences and is also working as a teacher.

MSc Petja Janžekovič, Master Degree in Philosophy, organizer of education for adults, lecturer and project coordinator. He has been active in the field of adult education for the past 10 years. He has been working as national and European projects coordinator conducting different projects for lifelong learning support, raising ICT literacy and intergenerational cooperation and learning. Expert in coordination and project management (especially contents of programmes).

Dušan Šilak, historian and sociologist, in charge for Self Learning Centre Ptuj, involved in adult education, education of older adults and people with special needs. He has been working on the field of adult education and counseling for past 16 years. He is also involved in national and European projects.


Mojca Volk, +386 2 749 21 52,

Mateja Hlupič, +386 2 749 21 55,

Dušan Šilak, +386 2 749 21 51,

Petja Janžekovič, +386 2 749 21 51,

Ljudska univerza Ptuj – Public University of Ptuj, Mestni trg 2, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia