The structure of the project PPS has been intentionally kept simple.

  • A Needs and state of the art analysis about ageing and active ageing policies will be carried out based on questionnaires, focus groups, in depth interviews. The scope of the needs analysis is to collect information about national cultural differences about sexuality and parents-children relationship, so to produce materials carefully tailored to each national context.
  • A 30 hours Face to face training program on active ageing addressed to older adults will be structured in terms of desired learning outcomes and aimed at rising perceived self-efficacy and copying skills of participants.   
  • Partnership will develop a 30 hours E-Training Program on active ageing that will have the same structure and content as the Face to face training program, so to reach a higher number of older adults.
  • Face to face training program for peer facilitators in the duration of 45 hours is addressed to older adults who want to participate in the pilot as peer to peer facilitators. The training will teach them how to facilitate small groups and virtual communities.
  • Face to Face and the E- Training Programs on active ageing. In every country, 15 older adults will attend the Face to Face training program and other 15 the E-training program.
  • Dissemination and exploitation will assure that project and project deliverables are well known and used by target groups.
  • Project management and Quality assurance will guarantee the orderly development of the project. Each partner participates in all the WPs and is responsible for need analysis, piloting, exploitation and dissemination in its own country.

All the partners have previous experience in managing European projects.

The Steering Committee will work at a distance using an internal website accessed by password, periodical meetings and videoconferences.

Every six months every partner will produce a Progress Report addressed to the project coordinator. The Progress Report gives details of every partner activities and expenses.