ARH Aarhus Social and Health Care College


Aarhus Social and Health Care College is the second largest in DK and runs a number of different short-term educational programs and supplementary training of educated staff members from social and health care institutions for the elderly, home care for the elderly, hospitals and psychiatry. The College offers social and health care educational programs at 3 levels and special educational intro programs for immigrants and refugees.

The College has 150 full-time employees and approximately 30 external professionals. The 150 full-time employees cover about 110 educational staff members.

In 2013 the college had 950 yearly students – divided on more than 3500 different persons.

(a yearly student is a figure covering 1 person in 40 weeks with 30 lessons a week)  

The college is the only one in Denmark that includes a multimedia department. The college is one of the leading developers of interactive web and producer of interactive pedagogical and learning material.

When it comes to developing and providing different kinds of more flexible and accessible ways of educational programs for different kinds of students, the College has, for many years, been the most innovative college in the social and health area in Denmark. The reason for that is the College’s highly developed pedagogical, didactic competence in developing, producing and using interactive web-based material

The college has been involved in international cooperation for more than 14 years and we are cooperating with more than 100 different partners in more than 30 countries all over the world. We have been involved in more than 30 European projects since 2002.

The college has employed people who have more than 10 years of experience in operational management  og international (EU projects) and the college also have special employed staff, who only take care of the financial management of international (EU) projects. This staff member has more than 6 years of experiences in financial management.

The turnover in 2013 was app. 14 mill Euros and is expected to be 15 mill Euros in 2014.

The main educational programme of our College is to educate students, especially for the eldercare sector in Denmark. As an important part of this education we educate in basic needs and how to deal with other peoples, elderly people’s basic need. And sexual needs of elderly are a part of this education and training. 

We have also experience with education in primary schools – bringing in professionals instead of the normally teachers at primary school, to educate youngster in the age of 14/15 years in sexual subject and matters.

We will contributed to the project, bringing in our and Danish experiences and know how regarding the object of this project.

We will also bring in our experiences when it comes to cooperate in transnational projects and our experiences how to reach a high quality in all the deliveries of the project.