GRETA du Velay


The Greta du Velay is a regional group of 21 public educational institutions under the Ministry of the education. Apart from being the main regional formal training provider in a wide range of areas for companies of for preparing the diplomas delivered by the Ministry of education but also the Ministries of Health, Employment and Youth, le Greta is locally involved in non-formal adult education.

With 45 trainers, it provides courses for adults in several areas (audiovisual, languages, key competences, etc.) around 300000 training hours per year. It coordinates a network of open learning centres in rural locations. Certified ISO 9001, it exists since 1975.

Half of the activity consists in supporting disadvantaged groups towards social and professional inclusion (migrants, unemployed, disabled persons, elders, women returners, rural inhabitants).

The other half consists in supporting SMEs in their learning processes. Its transversal expertise includes training needs analysis, course design, trainers training, development of learning services based on ICT.

Its trainers have benefited from an extensive training to deal with all categories of targets and all have a strong positive experience of didactics and pedagogy for the training people over 16.

Since 1992, it has participated in experimental activities to implement innovative teaching and learning in the field of languages: French for immigrants using ICT, use of Wiki to develop collaborative learning of languages, delivery of Scotvec validations for French learners, use of videoconferencing for evaluation. It has participated/ and coordinated several European projects such as CAME cultural awareness for minority elders, "From digital culture to media culture for older citizens", "Elaboration of reference material and specialization of trainers for training seniors"  "Acting against violence towards women" "Use of bicycle for socialization and integration of young adults with mental disabilities".

It is a member of the 258 Greta network in France.