Aims and objectives


The project aims to develop and pilot a methodology and training programs to help older adults to remain active by supporting other older adults (55+) to deal with ageing. The methodology will be based on peer to peer group facilitation as well as learning and peer facilitation mediated by the Internet.

Face to face programs are usually effective, but the number of participants is limited by the necessity to attend in person. E-training programs can reach a much higher number of people. For these reasons the partners have decided to develop two different training programs with the same content. Both will be piloted so to check how effective they are and how they can be made even more effective.

The content of the Training Program for elders on active ageing (face to face and Web based) The Training Program will be structured in modules:

  1. How to use the training program
  2. Ageing and you. A self-assessment exercise on your feelings and conditions
  3. Strategies for active ageing: public services, staying connected, virtual communities, financial security, housing, transport, being looked after…
  4. Staying healthy: food / physical activity / drugs / smoke
  5. Informative self-help resources

The training program addressed to peer to peer facilitators will be carried out face to face only. Its main purpose will be to prepare and train mentors (peers) for leading the group of participants and to conduct the face-to-face program and e-learning program for active ageing. Once peers have been trained they will conduct pilot training program for older adults in both versions for evaluation and upgrading purposes.

The main objective of PPS project therefore is to develop an educational program for older adults on active ageing, available free of charge, with support of trained mentors.