Imagen tablero de juevoThe project brings together partners who, in their particular contexts and in their learning / teaching practises, have to cope with practical educational issues involving persons belonging to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups. It addresses the methodological issue of creating and using adapted educational games for these target groups (T-G). It recognises that adults learn by making sense of their personal experiences and that reflection can change or transform meaning perspectives and schemes.

The THINK TANK initiative expresses a conviction that playful activities and enjoyable teaching practices are techniques that can help trainers to be more at ease with their learners and at the same time facilitate personal growth, and integration of the latter on cognitive, affective, and behavioural grounds. They increase emotional and social well-being and enhance learning and creativity. At the same time the project acknowledges the necessity of:

  • Adapting educational strategies that have proved efficient in the past to new environments and conditions in several difficult contexts (stress, conflict, workload, etc.)
  • Providing trainers with adequate educational tools in order to stimulate a sense of belonging to a community as active citizens amongst their learners.
  • Re-motivate trainers and attribute value to their work by using efficient and gratifying pedagogical practices.
  • Reassessing the virtues of so-called outdated teaching methods such as role plays (RP) photo language (PL) and educational games (EG).

The partnership wishes to engage people in varying European contexts who will disclose their personal involvement concerning their preoccupations for trainers and staff confronted to vulnerable target groups.